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Peter Dean
Peter Dean took toy designing and innovation as his academic field, his blurred the dividing lines
Between technology design, mechanical engineering and manufacturing techniques with his professional views. He began working as industrial and product designer, inventor and educater
In some European, American and Asian cities after receiving his Master Degrees from both Royal art Academy and Royal Science and Technology College in London.
He  currently teaching product designing at Designing College of Hongkong Institute of Techonology.
His maintains a tight relation with toy industry both at home and abroad. Peter works together with some major American and Hongkong manufacturers due to his intense interest in toy business, and provides his innovation and expertise.
Some of his toys and game products <more than 100 pieces> keep winning top awards in some of the international toy designing contests for the one and only design and their values in games.
Designer:Peter Dean
Service:Toy design, Product design

·1997,Candy Penz
·1998,Music Gizmo,melody making construction kit

·1999,Mrs.Field's Baking Factory,real cookie making oven
·2000,Power Penz,helicopter launcher

·2001,Circus Rings Sprinkler,lawn sprinkler
·2004,Tollytots Limited,Tolly Glider ride-on stick


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